Firebug Fan Club

"Our BBQ team has used Firebug for our last 2 events and it has
definitely made us more competitive." 

—Bob Nowak, Head Chef, Lost in the Sauce

"The perfect blend of sweet and spicy. If you like KC type BBQ sauces you will love this one. Compliments any meat you want to grill. I highly recommend it."

—Lane Turner, Kansas City, MO

"Your Fire Bug Grilln Sauce was recommended by a man working in the BBQ Store attached to Oklahoma Joe's. THE SAUCE IS DELICIOUS! My boyfriend Jason went on for 20 minutes after tasting it. This is saying a lot considering he is an avid cook and BBQ fan. The flavor far exceeds any BBQ sauce that we have tried. We have switched from our regular brand and have told everyone about the sauce. We are so adamant that people try Firebug that we are taking dishes made with it to each of the holiday parties this year. We cannot wait to taste all of your products. Keep up the excellent work!"

—Melissa Traphagan and Jason Young, Lawrence, KS

"As a man of discerning tastes, I've recently discovered Firebug and it vaulted to the top of my sauce of choice list. That's no easy task because the list is full of amazing sauces, some of which have been established icons in the market for decades. Anytime sauce that can drop 'a popular name brand' down a spot is worthy. The fact that Firebug is local is icing on the cake."

—Phil Kloster, Lee's Summit, MO

"My family recently tried Firebug Grill'n Sauce. My kids love it (and so do I)! I can't keep enough in the house! We have totally switched to Firebug for our barbeque sauce of choice and will continue to be big fans of this tasty wonder!"

—Dee Applebury, Lee's Summit, MO

"I was never really big on barbeque sauces and seldom used it. I was introduced to Firebug at McGonigle's in Kansas City as I was shopping. I can honestly say that since my first taste, I have NEVER been without the sauce. Now I use it with practically every meat and bean dish that I prepare. If you have ever wanted a BBQ sauce that stands head and shoulders above the others, you HAVE to try Firebug!"   

—Craig Loftis, Kansas City, MO

"Firebug is the best BBQ sauce I've ever tasted!  My wife loves it and my staff said it was great too! I've enjoyed it two nights in a row on chicken and thinking I'll put it on my burger again tonight. Forget ketchup, mustard and mayo - I've got the Firebug!"

—Dave Banerjea, Phoenix, AZ

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